Seq. Stratigraphy Lect.

These lectures are for everyone's use and education. Focused on stratigraphic interpretations they explain how sedimentary Rocks acquire their layered character, lithology, texture, faunal associations and other properties. They are based in part on lectures assembled for the university classes of David Barbeau and Christopher Kendall and society meetings. They can be used (unless the material is specifically excluded) under the Creative Commons license:  Their titles include:-

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Some of content of lectures
"Architectural Elements- Introduction" Facies, sedimentary structures, elements and depositional systems!
"Basics of Sequence Stratigraphy" Role of Steno, Walther & Base Level Surfaces
"Sequence Stratigraphy as a template for “Conceptual Models” used to interpret Depositional Systems"
Philosophical consideration of role of sequence stratigraphic terminology.
"Sequence Stratigraphic Surfaces" Octavian Catuneanu's Diagrams
Jeroen Schokker "Integration of lithostratigraphy & lithofacies" Oslo
Geologic mapping of lithofacies  using sequence stratigraphy
"Use of conceptual depositional models with sequence stratigraphy"
Template used to interpret depositional systems
"Eustasy and collisions from outer space " What evidence is there that some global base level change is driven by bolide impacts?
"Well Logs and Seismic - Tools for Subsurface Analysis" Outlines how surfaces & lithology are determined from well logs & seismic
"Clastic sediment Hierarchies & eustasy" Control of sea level & depositional setting on clastics
"Carbonate sediment Hierarchies & eustasy" Sea level & depositional setting of carbonates
"Carbonate storm deposits and HST surfaces of condensation" Response of Storm Deposits to sea level & depositional setting
"evaporites, Plate Tectonics and Sequence Stratigraphy" evaporites sea level, climate & tectonic setting
"Lacustrian, Glacial, Aeolian Systems" Depositional processes in lakes, glaciers, and dunes.
"Introduction to Sedpak" Basics of Sedpak and the use of its menus
"Role of lime muds in the stratigraphic section" The sequestration of lime mud in geologic section
"Process modeling of sedimentology of carbonates" Setting up carbonate simulations?
"Sedimentary structures - a compendium" Use of sedimentary structures to determine setting
"Ichnology & ichnofacies; an important tool in stratigraphic interpretation!" Based on work of Pemberton & his co-workers In Alberta and Steve Hasiotis of Kansas
"Carbonate Particles - Extensive introduction" Carbonate allochems and their depositional setting
"Carbonates - A brief overview" Carbonates allochems, ccd and diagenesis
"Carbonates - Review their depositional systems" Carbonates and their depositional setting
"Carbonates - Diagenetic Behavior" Carbonates and their diagenesis
"Bahamas - Holocene Carbonates" Carbonates accumulating in Bahamas
"Shark Bay - Holocene Carbonates" Carbonates accumulating in Shark Bay
"UAE-Holocene Carbonates & evaporites" Carbonates accumulating in UAE
"UAE-Coastal Geomorphology" Geomorphology of Abu Dhabi
"Trucial States to UAE - Holocene Sediments" A retrospective from 1962 to 2007
"Jurassic Deepwater Sediments High Atlas Basin - Morocco" Jurassic Carbonate Turbidites & Lithoherms of High Atlas Basin
"Permian Basin - New Mexico & Texas" Carbonates and evaporites of Permian basin
"Geologic History of Appalachians" Traces evolving depositional settings in these mountains
"Holocene Cyanobacterial Mats & Lime Muds: Links to Middle East Carbonate Source Rock Potential" Mud & cyanobacteria sequestered in axial trough of Gulf & extensive tidal flats that rim it, the source
"Petroleum occurrence in the Arabian Gulf" Oil is where you find it in Arabia!!
"Giant Oil Field evaporite Association" Wilson Cycle, Climate, Basin Position & Sea Level
"World Source Rock Potential Thru' Geological Time" Basin Restriction, Nutrient Level, Sedimentation Rate & Sea-level
"A History of Oil Exploitation and the Entrepreneurs Who Made it Happen" A lecture built the text by Daniel Yergin: "The Prize".

To view a series of timely lectures on Petroleum Geology and the history of petroleum exploitation in the Middle East you should link to Istvan Csato's Petroleum Lectures

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