Deepwater Exercises

Exercises in Sequence Stratigraphy of Deepwater Fans & Mass Transport Debris


We are looking for contributions to this page which provide state-of-the-art instructional materials for conventional classes. Exercises should enhance the understanding of Deepwater Depositional Systems and the methodology needed to acquire this understanding. If you be interested, SEPM encourages your submission of existing teaching materials that match these concepts or your creating something along these lines. Your materials would be presented as-is, with the only editing performed to ensure the quality of the science, clear declarative style and the validity of the links, etc. Exercise images should preferably be *.pdf files or might be .gif files and .jpg files. We can format the medium so they are readily accessible to the potential users. 

Listed below are suggested topics that submissions might focus on?

Exercises Dealing with:

  • Seismic
  • Well Logs
  • Outcrop
  • References Focused on Interpreting Deepwater Systems
Already existing materials
Click on highlighted Deepwater Gallery for access to a complete index to images, maps, diagrams and photographs of deepwater geology including the geology of Co Clare.
Monday, February 25, 2013
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