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SEPM is always looking for ways to provide resources to our community to enhance their productivity and spread knowledge and education. In these difficult times, such resources are especially valuable. Academics and professionals around the world are looking for materials that they can access online and utilize in their own on-line instruction efforts. Thankfully, our community has been providing online teaching and learning materials to us and we are passing them on to you. 

We greatly appreciate everyone’s contributions. We compiled a list of the most useful links on, our online education and community website. This compilation of useful online resources is organic, and we encourage you to check it out at:


A more expansive list is available at:

If you know of a useful online education links for sedimentary geology, please send the link to Mr. Daan Beelen, the SEPM STRATA Fellow at ( The list will be updated periodically, and we hope it is of great use.

Additional teaching and learning materials can be found here:

Helpful links

Below are links to many helpful websites that cover various topics. If you know of any more essential websites for learning and teaching sedimentology or stratigraphy, please let us know!
Deeptimemaps are the World's most premium paleogeographic maps, created by arguably the greatest paleogeographer in  Earth History: Ron Blakey.
Christopher Scotese's incredibly helpful not to mention beautiful paleogeographic maps are certainly on par with those from Ron Blakey. They are available on the above website

KU Ichnology is a very interesting and complete website about ichnology and trace fossils. Contains a broad suite of information on this topic.

Foraminiferia dot eu contains a wealth of information regarding the distribution and characteristics of a huge variety of foraminiferal species.


This is the website from the organization that makes the official geological timescale. It contains a wealth of information about stratigraphy and geological history.

This website is very helpful for getting familiar with the different geological epochs.

Seismic data

The Virtual Seismic Atlas contains lots of open source seismic data, the go-to place to acquire materials for teaching and learning seismic interpretation.

Bathymetry and topography

GeoMapApp can be downloaded for free on this website, which has an enormous amount of topographic and bathymetric data from all over the world.


Very helpful website on minerals.

Database with a lot of information on various minerals.

Petroleum geology

AAPG Wiki contains helpful information about petroleum geology and reservoir engineering.

Schlumberger oilfied glossary has lots of definitions, mostly from the angle of oilfield geology, geophysics and engineering.

Crain's Petrophysical Handbook contains an enormous amount of information, formulas and values of key petrophysical parameters. Very helpful learning petrophysics as well as professional practitioners. 
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