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Books on sequence and general stratigraphy

Allen, Philip A., and Allen, John R. (1990) "basin Analysis. Principles and Applications". Blackwell, Oxford. [One of the few textbooks on `basin analysis' . Good for isostasy, backstripping, geodynamic models, with discussions on basin fill architecture]

Boggs, Sam, Jr.( 2000) "Principles of sedimentary stratigraphy" Prentice Hall. [First rate undergraduate to graduate level text on sedimentology and stratigraphy. Includes physical, petrographic, chemical, biological and stratigraphic characteristics; depositional systems; and how to interpret depositional settings.]

Catuneanu, Octavian (2006), "Principles of sequence stratigraphy", Elsevier, pp 375. [Advanced graduate level to professional level text that details and defines specifics of sequence statigraphy in considerable detail. No light reading but a best selling guide for interested reader in complexity of this subject!]. Coe, Angela, Dan Bosence, Kevin Church, Steve Flint, John Howell and Chris Wilson, (2002) "The Sedimentary Record of Sea Level Change" , 288 pp., Cambridge University Press [A complete description of sequence stratigraphy from the perspective of distance learning. Beautifully illustrated with numerous photographs and detailed correlated cross sections; for budding sequence stratigraphers, sedimentologists and petroleum geologists.]

Einsele, G. 1992 "Sedimentary basins: Evolution, Facies and Sediment Budget" Springer Verlag [This important text for an understanding of sedimentary stratigraphy to interpret well logs, seismic and basin stratigraphy. Packed with beautiful and detailed block diagrams illustrating sedimentary structures, sedimentary geometries and relationships conceived by Einsele and drawn by Herman Wolmer, the effect is overwhelming and is unmatched by any other book on sedimentary stratigraphy.]

Einsele G., Ricken W., and Seilacher A., (editors), 1991, "cycles and events in stratigraphy", Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York 1991. 955p.
[An extraordinarily comprehensive text with many conceptual diagrams. Extensive list of references and numerous review articles on the topic of cycles in the stratigraphic record with a breadth of coverage and plethora of subject matter from so many viewpoints that the coverage is almost overwhelming. It considers cyclic sedimentation in the shallow marine to the deep to the lacustrian, from carbonates to clastics, and from turbidites to chemical precipitates.]

Fichter, L.S. and Poché, D.J., 2001. "Ancient environments and the interpretation of geologic history", 3rd. ed. Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: 309 p.
[A very useful textbook, with great illustrations and an emphasis on the tie between plate tectonics (particularly the Appalachians) and eustasy on sediments and their depositional setting.]

Posamentier, Henry W., and George P. Allen, 1999, "Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy - Concepts and Applications", published by the Society of Economic Petrologists and Paleontologists, 216 pages.
"An in-depth understanding and unambiguous description of sequence stratigraphy as it pertains to siliciclastic depositional systems. Uses numerous beautifully colored and well-drawn diagrams and ties these to examples of both ancient and modern depositional settings. Though targeted at specialists and mature students who have an interest in sequence stratigraphy, will appeal to earth scientists unfamiliar with the basic premises behind sequence stratigraphy and need a text that takes time to explain these in detail."

Emery, D., and Myers, K.J. (1996) sequence stratigraphy . Blackwell, Oxford. [Emphasizes characterization over process].

Miall, A. D., 1997, "The geology of stratigraphic sequences" Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
[Very useful compendium on sequence stratigraphy with numerous literature examples].

Prothero, Donald R., and Schwab, Fred (2003) Sedimentary Geology. Freeman, New York
[Excellent text on sedimentary geology with abundaformformnt examples of depostional settings].

Vail, P.R., Todd, R.G., Sangree, J.B. (1977) Seismic stratigraphy - applications to hydrocarbon exploration, C.E. Payton, ed., AAPG Memoir 26.
[Addresses an important philosophical issue, still debated, namely, what is a reflector in terms of its geologic significance].

VanWagoner, J.C., R. M. Mitchum, K. M. Campion, and V. D. Rahmanian 1990, "Siliciclastic sequence stratigraphy in Well Logs, Cores, and Outcrops: Concepts for High-Resolution Correlation of Time and Facies", AAPG Methods in Exploration, No. 7, pp55
[Thorough treatment of the concepts of sequence stratigraphy by researchers at Exxon. Beautifully illustrated with numerous foldouts and detailed correlation, for petroleum geologists, stratigraphers and sedimentologists.]

VanWagoner, J.C., D. R. Taylor, D. Nummedal, D. C. Jennette, C. R. Jones and G. W. Riley, 1991 "sequence stratigraphy Applications to Shelf Sandstone Reservoirs: Outcrop to Subsurface Examples", AAPG Field Conference September 21-28 1991 Special Publications 257 p., ISBN#: 0891818154
"An expanded field guide with pro and con papers on the sequence stratigraphy concept, as well as exploration and production geology applications".

Wilgus, C.K., Hastings,B.S., Kendall, C.G.St.C., Posamentier H.W., Ross,C.A., & Van Wagoner, J.C., eds., 1988, "Sea-Level Changes - an Integrated Approach", SEPM Spec. Pub. 42, pp 407
[First collection of seminal papers to explain current concepts of sequence stratigraphy as related to changes in accommodation, sedimentary fill and erosion. Authors included researchers from Exxon and cadre of petroleum geologists, stratigraphers and sedimentologists.]

Walker, Roger G., and James, Noel P. (1992) Facies Models. Response to Sea Level Change. Geological Association of Canada, Toronto.
[Modification of first Walker text, but with a sequence stratigraphic focus added]

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