Questions about Shelves

carbonate Platform Question Set


  1. How do carbonate platforms respond to changes in relative sea level?
  2. What are ideal conditions for shallow carbonate growth and how is this represented in carbonate deposits?
  3. What are the four basic types of platform morphologies and give an example of each?
  4. What are the main cycles associated with the carbonate platform stratigraphic successions?
  5. How do oceanographic processes such as tides, waves, etc. effect the carbonate factory?

Index to carbonate shelf sediments

Shallow Shelf Carbonates Carbonate Factory Evolution
Lag time Antecedent Topography Biology
Climatic Zone Siliclastic Influx Temperature and Salinity
Sea Level Clastic Input Tectonism
Platform Morphology Unrimmed Shelves Rimmed Shelves
Banks Stratigraphic Succession Water Depth and Turbidity
Subsidence Lithofacies Circulation
Carbonate Growth Potential Eustatic Response Questions

Friday, April 05, 2013
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