Platform Morphology

Platform Morphology in Shallow Shelf carbonates

Platform morphology determines subtidal facies distribution. The facies architecture is used to interpret platform type due to poor exposure of ancient successions or the lack of seismic profiles. The four basic platform types are listed below.


Unrimmed Shelves

Rimmed Shelves

Epeiric Shelves



Note: On the following pages all black and white photos are from Facies Models

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Index to carbonate shelf sediments

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Climatic Zone Siliclastic Influx Temperature and Salinity
Sea Level Clastic Input Tectonism
Platform Morphology Unrimmed Shelves Rimmed Shelves
Banks Stratigraphic Succession Water Depth and Turbidity
Subsidence Lithofacies Circulation
Carbonate Growth Potential Eustatic Response Questions

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