Seismic sequence stratigraphy

1• Introduction to Seismic Sequence Analysis: definition and illustrations of genetic reflection packages that envelope seismic sequences and systems tracts.

2• Exercise 1- Tying a Well Synthetic to a Seismic Line: a seismic cross-section through Little Knife Field tied to a synthetic seismic trace made from a velocity log (Williston Basin).
3• Exercise 2- Seismic Sequence Analysis: sequence stratigraphy of a seismic line across the lower Cretaceous, offshore of South Africa.
4• Exercise 3- Seismic Sequence Analysis: sequence stratigraphy of five regional seismic lines from the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska (NPRA). Click Objectives & Data for access to the .pdfs. Click Geological Setting for an overview of the basin as well as the CLASS ANSWER. 

5• Exercise 4 - Seismic Sequence Analysis: carbonate sequence stratigraphy of a regional seismic line from the western Great Bahamas Bank. Click here for Objectives & Data. Click here for the Seismic Line. Click here for the Class Answer .

6• Exercise 5 - Seismic Interpretation within the San Joaquin Basin: two separate exercises involving stratigraphic stacking patterns and seismic interpretation  as well as core analysis and log correlations, California.

Monday, February 06, 2017
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