Barrier Islands

Introduction to Barrier Islands and Clastic Shorelines of the Eastern USA

Contributed by Mark Woodworth,  Jim Knight and Ed Mendenhall while students at USC taking Marine Sediments 553
Wave erosion of Folly Island; an example of man's folly in trying to prevent the inevitability of  barrier island migration!

I. Introduction
  • What is a barrier Island
  • Major Components of a Barrier Island Systems
  • Major Depositional Environments in Barrier Island Systems
    • Their Geometries
    • Their Preservation in the Sediment Record.
  • Barrier Island Migration

II. Controls on the Structure of Barrier Islands
  • Tides
    • Micro-Tidal (Gulf of Mexico
    • Meso-tidal (SC)
    • Macro-tidal (Delaware)
  • Wave Action
    • Angle of and intensity of wave action
    • Storm events
  • Sediment Supply
  • Tectonic Controls on Elevation
  • Morphology of Surface Where Sediment is Collecting (slope)
III. Economics of Barrier Islands
  • Fisheries
  • Beach Remediation
  • Advocacy Groups
  • The Science and Art of Barrier Island Conservation
IV Endangered Species
V. References
VI. Questions
Wave Action
Sediment Supply
Tectonic Controls
Beach Morphology

Friday, March 29, 2013
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