Questions about Beaches

VI. Questions

1. What is preserved in the sediment record from a transgressional barrier island system, and why are some parts preserved for posterity and others not.

2. What effect does the tidal range (difference between meso- and micro) have on the morphology of barrier islands and why is it rare to have barrier islands in macro-tidal environments?

3. How does the sediment load affect the change in sea level and is this a good example of how tectonics is affected by sedimentation?

4. Is it possible for barrier island systems to develop anywhere other than on a passive plate margin?

5. Describe the biological structures that help to build and stabilize the dune line of a barrier island. What is its significance to dune accretion and how does this happen?

6. Beach remediation is a controversial subject. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of the idea.

Wave Action
Sediment Supply
Tectonic Controls
Beach Morphology
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