Carbonate Porosity

Lucia Porosity types Lucia Grain versus Mud dominated types Lucia 3 Petrophysical type classes Choquette and Pray Classification Choquette and Pray Classification 2 Choquette and Pray Porosity and Time Choquette and Pray Porosity and Time 2 Interparticle Porosity Interparticle Porosity Intergranular Porosity Intergranular Porosity Inter and Intra particl and Shelter Porosity Intergranular Porosity Intraparticler Porosity Intercrystaline Porosity Intercrystalline Porosity Intercrystalline Porosity Moldic Porosity Moldic Porosity Moldic Porosity Moldic Porosity Moldic Porosity Moldic Porosity Fenestral Porosity Fenestral Porosity Shelter Porosity Shelter Porosity Growth Framework Porosity Fracture Porosity Fracture Porosity Channel Porosity Vug Porosity Vug Porosity Vug and Fracture Porosity Vug Porosity Porosity Porosity Evolving Porosity Depositional Porosity Porosity Porosity Porosity Porosity Porosity Porosity Porosity Porosity Porosity Porosity Porosity

Carbonate porosity

These diagrams and photomicrographs track a variety of carbonate porosity types and some of their geologic controls. Some of these diagrams were created by Jerry Lucia, Choquette and Pray; others are ascribed to their authors. Unless otherwise ascribed many of the other diagrams and the photomicrographs were created by Christopher Kendall.
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