Significant Dates


Year Milestone
1500 Leonardo de Vinci recognizes marine fossils in Italian mountains
1670 Robert Hooke identifies fossils as remains of ancient organisms uses these to make a comparison of Rocks of similar age
1600's Steno recognizes the marine of some Rocks and formulates principles of superposition, original horizontality and original lateral continuity
1750's Jean Etienne Guettard recognizes continuity of sedimentary Rocks in the Paris basin and compares them to modern marine sediments
1719 John Strachey constructs a geological cross-section of coal bearing strata
1760 Aduino proposes the Tertiary
1785 James Hutton publishes on principles of the uniformitarianism
1791 William Smith begins mapping sedimentary Rocks of Britain
1835 Sedgwick proposes the Cambrian & Murchison proposes the Silurian
1840 Agassiz recognizes that northern Europe and North America covered by ice sheets and sea level dropped
1848 Chambers recognizes relative" sea level
1857 Suess proposes that the coasts of Africa and South America match
1859 Charles Darwin publishes the Origin of Species
1864 Croll proposes variations in solar radiation on Earth driven by variations in its orbit
1869 Waagen and Karpinsky trace evolution of ammonoids
1885 - 1909 Suess, The Face of the Earth (5 vols.)
1907 Boltwood proposes using uranium-lead dating of Rocks
1909 Joly considers the role of radioactivity in Geology
1910 Frank B. Taylor and Howard B. Baker identify the mid-Atlantic ridge
1913 Holmes sets the age of the earth at 1.6 billion years
1915 Wegener publishes "The Origin of Continents and Oceans"
1916 Schuchert produces one of the first relative sea-level charts
1920 milankovitch proposes ice ages caused by perturbations in Earths orbit
1928 Holmes suggests mantle convection currents could drive continental drift
1937 Alexander Du Toit supports continental drift on the basis of geologic fit
1958 Wheeler produces first chronostratigraphic chart
1962 Hess proposes the theory of sea-floor spreading
1963 F.J. Vine and D.H. Matthews identify deep ocean paleomagnetic "stripes"
1963 Sloss recognizes eustasy responsible for major continental unconformities
1965 Wilson begins developing the theory of plate tectonics
1970 Broeker and Van Donk propose variation in the oxygen isotopes connected to Milankovitch cycles
1977 Vail proposes the discipline of sequence stratigraphy
1976 - 1979 Van Hinte publishes Mesozoic time scales
1988 Jervey publishes on a quantitative sedimentary simulation which links tectonics, eustasy and sedimentation
1998 De Graciansky et al publish papers and charts on Mesozoic and Cenozoic sequence stratigraphy

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