Exercises in carbonate Petrology

chertification (silicification)

1. (B/109/Pen/Tx-BTI) (Marble Falls) shows infilling of voids by chert. Sketch.

2. (B/110/Pa/NMx-BRJ) (Dry Creek) shows chert filling micrite envelopes and beginning to replace calcite fossils. Sketch.

3. (B/111/D/Tx-BAM) (Edwards 1st) shows chert replacing everything except micrite envelopes.

4. (B/113/Eo/Ut-CND) shows fossils unreplaced but cemented by quartz. Sketch.

5. (B/112/Pm/NMx-BUJ) shows fusillinids replaced by chert but micrite matrix remains.

6. (O/41/Ord/Pa) Silicified oolite from the Ordovician of Pennsylvania. Describe the original ooid structure. What aspect(s) of the original structure has silification preserved? Describe and account for this sample's porosity.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013
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