Sequence Stratigraphy

This page introduces the methodology of sequence stratigraphy as applied to the interpretation of sediment accumulation in continental, marginal marine, basin margin, and down slope settings. Associated pages demonstrate how sequence stratigraphy involves subdividing the sedimentary section into a framework of erosional, depositional and non-depositional surfaces and characterizes the sediments enclosed by these surfaces. Pages on the site explain how these surfaces are interpreted to have been generated by changes in the relative position of the sea and enclose genetically related sedimentary facies formed into successions of stratal geometries. These facies and geometries are used to interpret and the predict the extent of these sedimentary facies geometries, lithologic character, grain size, sorting and quality of porosity and permeability away from control points. Reconstruction of depositional setting and paleogeography are facilitated by the framework of sequence stratigraphy and the successions of stratal geometries they enclose.

Modules: sequence stratigraphy course notes & exercises for students, professors and those who teach professional short courses in this topic.

Movies: Guided explanations of the generation of sedimentary sequences and their interpretation,

Sequence stratigraphic movie (to view click on image below)

This Sedpak movie captures a sedimentary section subdivided into geometric packages defined by bounding unconformities and internal surfaces that result from varying positions of relative sea level and rates of sedimentation. These geometries demonstrate why sequence stratigraphic analyses of seismic cross-sections, well logs and outcrop studies of sedimentary rock are used to predict the thickness and extent of sediment lithology from inferences built from this understanding of how sediment geometry changes with relative sea level and rates of sedimentation. Click here to Download Sedpak to make your own movies!

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