Sea Level and Slope

Sea level and carbonate development

Changes in sea level greatly affect slope morphologies by influencing sediment availability, type, transport, deposition, and erosion. Based on these sea level system tracks the resulting sedimentary sequences accompanying slope morphology are restricted to characteristic geology and slope geometries.

Sea level and carbonate slope development can be broken down into system tracks based upon slope development and sea level changes resulting from climatic variances and tectonic subsidence.

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Transgressive systems tract (TST)

Highstand systems tract (HST)

Falling Stage systems tract (FSST)

Lowstand systems tract (LST)


Double click on the image below to view normal cycle deposition sequence tract

The figure above is a cross-section depicting a normal sedimentary cycles taken from the sedimentary simulations of Dr. Kendall  

Sea slug movie by Kendall


Ancient Slopes

Friday, April 05, 2013
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