YouTube Geology Movies

Movies assembled, collated and created by geologists with an interest in the concepts of sedimentary stratigraphy, and placed on YouTube.
The Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) Movies
Movies of laboratory experiments for sedimentary stratigraphers to understand landscape dynamics, bedload transport, debris flows, sand ripples, braided streams, shoreline, etc.  Real event movies of landslides, arctic coastal erosion, thaw lake erosion, flash floods, tidal bores, debris flows, dust storms, calving of tidewater glaciers, etc., an endless list.  Go visit!

The microbialites of Hamelin Pool in Shark Bay, Lakes Clifton & Preston of Western Australia
These YouTube films represents a digitized versions of an extensive collection of Video 8 tapes of Stromatolites (ancient and modern) assembled by Dr. Robert Burne, currently a Visiting Fellow of the Research School of Earth Sciences The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200

Stromatolites of Hamelin Pool

Lake Clifton Thrombolites compared to Shark Bay Stromatolites

microbialites of Lake Preston

Subtidal Stromatolites of Lee Stocking Island

This video was compiled and edited in 1987 by Bob Burne for IGCP 261 members following the field trip he took to Lee Stocking to view the subtidal Stromatolites accumulating there. You can check this "work in progress" at:-
The "Great Unconformity" at Sicca Point

The startling YouTube video posted by the British Geological Survey has a narrated description of the “Great Unconformity". View this and capture a moment in the history stratigraphic geology when Hutton and Playford visited and saw Sicca Point for the first time and James Hutton was heard to remark (ca. 1786) on the enormity of geological time, "...that we find no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end..." (James Hutton (1795) Theory of the Earth). 

Angular unconformity at Siccar Point in Scotland.Yellow notebook for scale. Photo Geoscience Group (GG) St Andrews University.

Introduction to basic concepts of Sequence_Stratigraphy

Basics of sequence stratigraphy

Streamed video chalk board lecture explaining ideal Vail et al 1977 sequence, its component systems tracts, and gross geometries as products of changes in relative sea level (base level) and the evolving accommodation space. Introduces sea level and base level, sequence, concepts of sequence stratigraphy from perspective of evolving sediment geometry through time, and relative sea level changes. Geological setting described in lecture is hypothetical.

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Sedpak Movies 
These YouTube films represents a digitized versions of the Quick Time collection of sedimentary simulations assembled by Christopher Kendal can accessed at  

Sumner's Sedimentology
Stored at this site are an eclectic group of lectures given by Dawn Sumner UCDavis on topics that include the ocean, debris flows, carbonate deposition, sedimentary facies, cross stratification, basic concepts, fluid dynamics flow and many other things to explore.

Submit YouTube Geological Movies to the SEPM Strata Website

The Society for Sedimentary Geology SEPM invites your submission of your YouTube geological movies to the SEPM Strata website, and welcomes videos on sedimentary geology, in particular topics that are of current interest to the geoscience community.
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