Coastal Plain

Coastal Plain
Coastal plain sediments are mostly unconsolidated or partially consolidated sediments deposited along a coastline. The sediment deposition currently taking place on the present-day continental margin is a continuation of the deposition that has been going on since the Triassic. If we could see the Coastal Plain sediments in a cross section they would look like a wedge, thick to the east and thinning to a feather edge on the west (Cross Section M). But the cross section would also show that the Triassic basins found in the Piedmont extend under the Coastal Plain, and indeed the present Atlantic Ocean basin is the enlarged easternmost Triassic basin.

Human and Geologic History: Not only are land forms controlled by the underlying geology, but we are also controlled by the geology. This section briefly shows that human and geologic history are interlaced.
Contributed by Lynn Fichter 
Thursday, August 23, 2018
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