Virginian Geology and Structure

The Geological Evolution of Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic Region
This set of pages introduces the geology of the Appalachians with links to maps and cross sections created and assembled from a variety of publications and geological sources by Lynn Fichter of James Madison University . He has donated the web site "The Geological Evolution of Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic Region" (GEVMAR) to SEPM. The following pages provide many of the key concepts and diagrams from the GEVMAR site. The objective of this webpage is to provide a geologic history and overview of the U.S. state of Virginia. Our target audience includes both geology students hoping to gain an introduction to the geologic history of the area as well as professional geologists searching for technical details, timing of events and geologic ages of stratigraphy in the region. The Short Geological History of Virginia, as well as an event-based 16-page summary of the Stages of Geologic Evolution is included for those looking for general guidance. For professional geologists and instructors, the sub-pages under Stages of Geologic Evolution, outline the specific steps of each geologic event and integrate more technical explanations.

Saturday, April 23, 2016
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