Sedimentary Depo. Systems

Sedimentary depositional systems

We are looking for contributions to this page. It is proposed to build a section on the history of the development of the geological understanding of depositional systems has evolved and how depositional systems can now be related to their geomorphic position, their relationship to systems tracts, compositional lithology, geometries and the processes that form them. We encourage your submission if you are interested in creating something along these lines or have teaching materials that match these concepts. Your materials would be presented as-is, with the only editing performed to ensure the quality of the science, clear declarative style and the validity of the links, etc.


  • Aeolian
  • Glacial
  • Lacustrian
  • Fluvial
  • Deltaic
  • Coastal
  • Slope
  • deepwater fans
  • Deep Basin


  • Inner shelf and tidal flats
  • Outer Shelf and Margin
  • Slope
  • Basin
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
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