Peach Tree Rock

Peach Tree Rock Preserve Field Trip
Columbia/South Carolina


The Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Basins (GEOL 325) class field trip to Peach Tree Preserve close to Columbia in South Carolina. This Preserve is owned and managed by the is owned by the South Carolina Nature Conservancy. The sandy outcrops exposed in this Preserve accumulated in the middle Eocene and were deposited when the sea level was about 125 meter higher than the present . The outcrops at the Peachtree Rock Preserve are now about 500' above sea level and represent an exposure which is about 3-10 meters high.

Figure 1. Peach Tree Rock - a hoodoo of eroded from Eocene shoreface sands outcropping in Peach Tree Park Preserve in Lexington County just west of Columbia Metropolitan Airport. Click on the image of the Hoodoo to link to Image Gallery for this locality.


1) Field notes

2) A measured section

a) Include paleocurrent measurements

b) Identify at least 3 different facies you observed

– Each facies should have:

a) Name

b) Description

c) Interpretation

3) A detailed description of Peachtree Rock – the hoodoo block

a) Texture and grain size
b) Sorting
c) Bedding
d) Lithologic composition

4) Short paragraph of the depositional environment. Remember, marshal you argument so that your interpretation fits the data.

Useful Links for this exercise

To aid in your write up you might want to the visit the terminology page and look under parasequence-shoreline. Also check the four examples that Van Wagoner et al (1990) provided for coarsening upward parasequences for a beach, parasequence-delta, stacked beach, and fining upward parasequence-tidal flat in the terminology section of this site.

Student Contributions

Click on the students name to view contributions from the Geology 325 of February 2001.

Adams, Danny
Alnaji, Nassir
Bartley, Heather
Jones, Anthony
Malloy, Margaret
Norton, Holly
Stokes, Melissa A

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