Contributed Research & Study Themes

These contributions by students, academic faculty and professionals are related to sedimentary stratigraphy.  SEPM encourages more of these submission. Contributions are presented as-is, with only minor editing to ensure the quality of the science, readability of the text and validity of the links. Examples include:

Teaching Materials

Designed to improve understanding, experience and vocabulary

Power Point Presentations
Shared lectures materials to learn and use to build your own.

Links, Reviews and Literature
Assembled for students and their teachers

Carbonate Petrology

Extensive teaching materials from thin sections to regional geology

Images connected to stratigraphy and sedimentary geology

Class Projects

Peach Tree Rock Field Trip

Enhanced by the students who made this trip.

Marine Depositional Systems

Ancient and modern depositional systems, their composition, sedimentary structures,  geometry, fossil assemblages, sequence stratigraphic signal and plate tectonic setting

Graduate Study Research Results

Arabian and Permian Basins

Nassir Alnaji MSC Thesis

Libyan Petroleum
Hassan Salem Hassan PhD Dissertation

Istvan Csato
Istvan Csato project reports

Virtual Field Trips

Kentucky and Virginia field trips enhanced by students who took them

Heron Island and Low Isles Reefs - Great Barrier Reef of Australia
Images and field photographs donated by Tracy Frank

Miocene Reefs of Mallorca
Images, exercises and field photographs under direction of Luis Pomar

Turks and Caicos Field Trip
Inspired by field trip with Steve Bachtel of Chevron and Charlie Kerans of UT Austin

UAE General Images Guidebook and Field Photographs
From basic design of Nassir Alnaji

Ross Formation & Clare Basin

Inspired by field trip with Peter Haughton of UCD


Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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