Skeletal - Halimeda & Recrystalized Reef Rock (B/19/Ple/Eni)

5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Halimeda in all stages of diagenesis
Folk Classification Poorly washed halimeda biosparite
Dunham Classification Halimeda packstone
Common Grains Halimeda
Sorting Poor
Rounding None
Micritization & envelopes Very thin envelopes on some grains
Cement & diagenetic fabric Halimeda tubes filled by but also matrex disolving
Porosity 40% intergranular and intragranular
Depositional Setting Low energy portion of atoll reef
Diagenetic history Marine and freshwater cementation & disolution

Halimeda in all stages of diagenesis, from marine cementation within the tubes that penetrate the flakes to disolution of the matrex of the flakes. Note the freshwater equant spar coating some grains, potentially a replacement of an original fibrous aragonite cement.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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