Skeletal - Coral (B/8/Ple/Eni)

5x cross nichols
Outstanding feature Aragonite and micrite fill of cavities
Folk Classification Coral biolithite with some argonite fibers & micrite cavity fill
Dunham Classification Coral framestone with some argonite fibers & micrite cavity fill
Common Grains Coral with aragonite fibers & micrite
Sorting None
Rounding None
Micritization & envelopes Cavitiy margins show micrite rim
Cement & diagenetic fabric Sparse fibrous aragonite & micrite fill
Porosity 30% interpartical
Depositional Setting Coral reef atoll
Diagenetic history Marine cementation & freshwater etching

This sample shows the initial fill by marine aragonite cements in the original coral living chambers. In addition their appears to be the start of freshwater diagenesis etching of coral chamber walls and the influx of micrite.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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