Skeletal - Coral - Diploria (B/6/Hol/Bah)

Outstanding feature Corals and clione bores
Folk Classification Coral biolithite
Dunham Classification Coral boundstone
Common Grains Corals and pelecypods
Sorting Poor
Rounding Poor
Micritization & envelopes Marginal
Cement & diagenetic fabric Micrite
Porosity 35% depositional
Depositional Setting Reef in a tidal channel
Diagenetic history Micrite cementation

Sample from a small Diploria reef within the tidal channel just to south of Joulters' Cay in the Bahamas. Note the clione sponge bores in the corals and the micrite fill of part of some of the cavities. Also note the small ooids that are infiltrating the voids from the nearby ooid sand areas that fill the channels and surround the corals. The micrite fill is probably debries created by the activities of the clione sponges.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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