Grapestone & Foraminifera (Int/17/Hol/Bah)

Outstanding feature Intraclasts cemented by meniscus calcite spar
Folk Classification Porous intrasparite with sparse calcite spar cement
Dunham Classification Porous intraclastic grainstone with sparse meniscus spar cement
Common Grains Intraclasts & bioclastic particles
Sorting Good
Rounding Well rounded
Micritization & envelopes Micrite envelopes begining to form
Cement & diagenetic fabric Intrasparite with sparse meniscus cement
Porosity 40% Interparticle
Depositional Setting Intertidal capillary crust
Diagenetic history Sparse meniscus spar cement binds grains

Intraclasts cemented by meniscus calcite spar form in an intertidal capillary crust on the tidal flat to the lea of Staniard Creek.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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