Neomorphosed Carbonate ( N/3/K/Tx )

2.5x cross nicols
2.5x wave plate
5x wave plate
2.5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Fibrous elongate crystals of aragonite replace calcite mozaic
Folk Classification Fibrous aragonitic travertine mozaic
Dunham Classification Fibrous aragonitic travertine mozaic
Common Grains Fibrous aragonite lathes
Sorting Not applicable
Rounding Not applicable
Micritization & envelopes None
Cement & diagenetic fabric Fibrous aragonite lathes replacing calcite spar
Porosity 5% in leached fractures
Depositional Setting Cave travertine
Diagenetic history Recrystallized calcite and replacement by aragonite
Striking recrystallization of calcite and replacement by a mozaic of aragonite lathes.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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